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Chest of Drawers

Me, a chest of drawers –

Stuffed full of knick knack dreams, dust crusted concepts, Read more…


I wish I could take a gold dipped dream
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Displaced Dreamer


Why are we so afraid of it (you and I)?

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Seems it’s true that the grass is always greener

On the other side of reality.

I’m floating here in the thick sludge of life,

Suspended between oil and mud – where’s water?

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Swings for Soaring

What could be better than meeting you (my love) on a swing set?

Then the first moments of “us” would be spent teaching chains to fly

Transmuting lead weights to wings as we arc




To run our fingers across the silk ceiling of the sky. Read more…

Rabbit Hole Heart

I’m Alice in Wonderland

Falling down the rabbit hole of my own heart.

Doors fly by

Each one another path not taken

Another choice not made

And I keep falling. Read more…

But Darling…

But darling…

Why would I want expensive jewelry

When I have the sun for my gold

The moon for my silver

And the stars for my diamonds? Read more…