Why hello there!

I’m Alanna Love and I have madly fallen in love with words.

Words and their ability to transport you to other worlds, touch the deepest corners of your soul, outlive generations and outlast cultures and then still bring you tears or laughter hundreds of years from when they were first scribbled down. But even more than words I love Jesus Christ with all of my heart and I want Him to use me to tell His story, the love story that is still rocking this universe to its core. And what a beautiful thing it would be if somehow you can hear even the quietest whispers of its wonders through what I write!

So as a writer I take the raw material of the English language and weave it into a fabric of stories, stitching the pieces together with my heart strings, adding sparkling details of wit and poetry, all to create closets full of literary couture that I would love to share with you. So welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy it enough to visit again and again, because I would love to take you on adventures with me!

With all my heart,

Alanna Love


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  1. Ahhh, words — incredulous arrangements of letters into a words that can sometimes be so powerful, strike so many nerves and burrow ever so deeply into the far reaches of ones soul almost as if they were aimed directly at the heart, only to harbor there forever to prod me onward in love and kindness.

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