Chest of Drawers

Me, a chest of drawers –

Stuffed full of knick knack dreams, dust crusted concepts,

Wads of knotted untangleable emotions,

And in shadowed corners, secret compartments which I never knew I had.

Drawers within drawers locked tight with darkened key holes.

But you somehow knew of them, even though I did not

And it was you yourself who was the key.

You unlocked those parts of me and unfolded from within my soul

Such a loveliness like I never before had seen.

But then you were gone (as if you never were)

Along with the key, clinking in your pocket.

The hidden panels latched tight (as if they never had opened).

I pounded on the wood till splinters of my soul stuck my hands and burned.

But locked drawers only open to keys, not blood speckled fists.

Where’s a key holder who will unlock these secret compartments of me again

So the beauty I glimpsed can slip out the door and come out once more?

Until then, these holy secrets of my soul will fall asleep.

Not gone, just waiting to be awakened by the sound of a scraping key.

Darling, come unlock me.

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