Nothing Left To Say

And once again I don’t know what to say. There is candy apple blood beginning to drip from her nose and her left eye is slowly inflating like a party balloon, only the party is over now. My knuckles are beginning to throb and I can taste red salt on my lips, dribbling down from the scratch marks she left on my cheek.

She dares to glance at me from the corner of the splintery floor where she is shivering. I suppose my eyes give away the fact that I am semi-sane… If only for a moment. She pulls herself up with the help of the battered dining room table and stumbles into me, her hot fingers working their way up my chest, along the bulging veins in my neck, clenching my jaw in her grip that has gotten weaker in the last hour. And I still don’t know what to say.
“Adrian?” she says.
I almost can’t hear the breathless word through the red anger, the whiskey and her shirt shredded open like that.
” You can’t muscle your way back into my heart Adrian like you can in a bar fight. I’m done with you…”
And after that I don’t hear a thing, the red comes back louder and there is nothing else but scarlet streaked black until her alarm clock goes off while it’s still dark. I jerk awake to find her limp in my arms, my hands around her swollen neck, and not hearing her breathe.

I suppose there was nothing left to say.

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