Swings for Soaring

What could be better than meeting you (my love) on a swing set?

Then the first moments of “us” would be spent teaching chains to fly

Transmuting lead weights to wings as we arc




To run our fingers across the silk ceiling of the sky.


I know (as fact) I’m made to soar

To climb up aerial heights and hopes.

But I’ve learned that even the most glorious of sunsets

Somehow feel cold when seen alone.

(That’s when I wish you were here by my side.)

And yet,

I would rather be among clouds

Than surrounded by crowds standing on cracked ground

(And cracked dreams).


My love (where are you)

Won’t you come soar with me,

Swing into the night until we touch the stars with the tips of our toes?

Because whether you’re on the other side of this city

Or on the other side of this world,

Just know I’m one swing set away.


  1. Justin Gause

    You have no idea how well this work describes the past 10 years of my life. “A swing set away”…love it. Thank you.

  2. Wallace Cromwell

    He told me to give you a message. He said, “Hang in there. I’m coming as fast as I can.”

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