Rabbit Hole Heart

I’m Alice in Wonderland

Falling down the rabbit hole of my own heart.

Doors fly by

Each one another path not taken

Another choice not made

And I keep falling.


If I drop long enough will I land on solid ground

Facing the door to Wonderland?

Or will I fall for forever

Dropping deeper into this nightmarish hole?


I’m Alice in Wonderland

And wonder seems just beyond my reach.

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  1. Justin Gause

    Lovely. Not that it matters, but I’ve never wanted solid ground…it’s overrated and , I believe, nonexistent. I’ve always wanted love, which I feel offers the illusion of solid ground. True love’s nature, I feel, lacks solidarity (which may even be an illusion) but gives us hope. Maybe hope’s what makes us feel at home, even when home is long gone…

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