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The Taste of Cloud Nine

He said they would taste like cotton candy, I said like vanilla. We had gotten lost in the park (and lost in thought) as we watched the clouds that day. We talked about it for hours, him and I. Wondering what a cloud would taste like, if it would tickle your throat when you swallowed, and whether it was best served hot or cold… but there was only one way to find out. Read more…

Writer Crush: Ted Dekker

A girl’s gotta have her standards, and most writers these days just don’t make the cut. Sad but true. The market is flooded with average and below average pieces of fiction and I now always prefer authors who are dead to this earth but still live in the classic shelves of bookstores, and they are there for a reason. But there are a few exceptions to every rule, and Ted Dekker is my ultimate exception. Read more…

Best Present Ever

He and I text back and forth because he knows the words come easily to me whenever they can be written instead of spoken. We are good friends, and so we talk about many things as we tap away on small screens separated by miles and miles. He listens to the words of my ever stormy soul as I drip tears on my phone in those moments when am finally able to release some of the thoughts I think might eat me from the inside out if they remain unsaid. And even in the midst of my emotional intensity that never seems to abate, he doesn’t leave. He stays and talks and listens. He helps to keep me sane as my heart nearly breaks day after day under the weight of my own thoughts. He tells me that everything will be ok even when I feel everything in and around me begin to crumble. He makes me laugh through the tears that I always keep out of sight. He is truly one of the best friends I’ve ever had. Read more…


The world is full of forgettable and easily forgotten words. You and I construct hundreds of sentences a day and read hundreds more, and really, how many of them do we remember years later?  But in this endless stream of syllables that makes up our lives there are always phrases of which haunt us like a beautiful dream you can’t shake, soul shivering words that never fade from our thoughts even though years may pass. And it is these words that make us… us. Read more…

Swings for Soaring

What could be better than meeting you (my love) on a swing set?

Then the first moments of “us” would be spent teaching chains to fly

Transmuting lead weights to wings as we arc




To run our fingers across the silk ceiling of the sky. Read more…

Rabbit Hole Heart

I’m Alice in Wonderland

Falling down the rabbit hole of my own heart.

Doors fly by

Each one another path not taken

Another choice not made

And I keep falling. Read more…

Paris Versus New York: The Giveaway!

Sometimes I go to airline websites to find tickets and schedule very imaginary trips to very real places to help me be patient till I actually save enough money saved to travel like I would like to. It helps keep me sane and helps me dream of so many adventurous places that are just one ride away – places like Paris or New York. (Insert dreamy smile right here.) Read more…

1,000 by 25

So yes, I’m a little crazy. Reading 1,000 books by the time I turn 25 is ambitious and maybe a bit over the top, but hey, I’m both of those things so I may as well embrace this insanity! It all started back when I was in jr high inhaling books like some of the other kids were inhaling candy and soda. Read more…