Illusion: Book Giveaway and Review

Illusion begins with blood, fire, singed hair, and melting skin mixing with meting plastic. Dale watching his wife be cruelly molten before his eyes, beyond his protective reach, by the fire of a car accident. There’s nothing he can do and nothing the doctors in the emergency room can do to stop true love from flatlining. And now Dale is alone except for the faint shadows of memories. Memories of two magicians madly in love, traveling the country making others wonder and thrill at the illusions that the two of them could create and entrance one with.  But now Mandy is gone, at least as far as Dale is concerned, because at this moment she is nineteen years old and happily spending a day at the fair with her best friends when she finds herself in a hospital gown and the fairgrounds changed all around her. It was 1970 a few moments ago, and now here she is 2010.


Mandy is now desperately trying to find out who she is and why she knows she was born in ’51 even though she’s 19 in 2010. Soon she begins to show the ability to control multiple realities and manipulate the very time and space around her and she begins to launch a magic career in this new present of hers showcasing these new abilities, being mentored all along the way by a 60 year old widower still grieving who, regardless of how he might try, cannot shake the idea that this young girl under his care is exactly like his wife. Is he going crazy? Is she? And how could a 19 year old girl begin to fall so hard for a man so much older than herself? As if they had been together forever and should never have been separated to begin with? All the realities are tangled, all the facts are jumbled, reason and insanity begin to blur borders, and somehow someone has to put things in order once more. But what if order means that Mandy, be she young or old, has to die… again? Can true love weave in and out of these tangled realities and come out on the other side in one piece?


So with this story, Frank Peretti did it to me again. It was less than 72 hours between my receiving the book in the mail and my laying it back down with each page read.  Once again I got swept up into the mysteries he weaves, the wonders he crafts, the horrors that make me shiver like someone has hit my funny bone, and once again I tasted  a redemption that makes my soul escape the claustrophobic confines of fear and begin to dream. Penned by a writer of modern Christian classics, this book is one that will proudly be added to the Peretti cannon of adventures, commonly known as that stack of books that keep you up all night and turns you into an adrenaline junkie while never budging from your seat.


And now it’s your turn to experience the adventure yourself instead of hearing it second hand from me. I’m giving away a paperback advance reader’s copy of Illusion! To be entered into the giveaway just leave a comment below telling me about your favorite Frank Peretti book. The giveaway will end March 31st when the winner will be chosen. Giveaway only applicable to USA residents. Good luck and good reading!


  1. Loved the review, looks like a great book! Favorite book by Peretti has to be “This Present Darkness.” It was one of the first I read as a Christian and I have to revisit it every so often as it is wonderfully written and inspires me to a more fervent prayer life!

  2. i do love This PResent Darkness and Piercing the Darkness ALOT !! like yu :)
    but also liked Tilly . different genre – still excellent writing… great story !

    thx for this giveaway share – found you at goodreads as writer…

  3. Amy Nelson

    Great review Alanna! It inspired me to want to read the book.

  4. Drey

    Great review and the books looks definitely worth the time to read…

  5. I really like your writing style, good information, appreciate it for posting : D.

  6. Dia

    My favriote is “The Oath”
    thanks for doing the giveaway!
    (my email is the only way to contact me,

  7. Edward

    Sounds awesome! I haven’t read any of his material but from your review it sounds like a great read.

  8. Kristi La

    Sounds tantalizing! I wonder if the book will be as captivating as you review of it! I will definitely have to read it so we can compare notes!

    I have read a lot of Frank Peretti. I loved the Prophet and Tilly, but my all time favorite would have to be Piercing the Darkness :)

    Thanks for the review!

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