But Darling…

But darling…

Why would I want expensive jewelry

When I have the sun for my gold

The moon for my silver

And the stars for my diamonds?

This city only trades cold cash for even colder glitz,

And neither of our hearts care much for ice.


Instead leave the stores behind

And take me to a secluded hillside,

Or to a stone crumbling balcony,

Or to a silence swept roof top,

And share with me this tiara of a galaxy

These shimmering strands of universe

These gems of fire that spark in the heavens

Like our souls solar flare when their orbits collide.


With stars reflecting in my eyes

And moonbeams braiding themselves into my hair,

Just hold my hand in yours

And we’ll call the sky our Tiffany’s.



  1. By the way…

    I love this!

  2. Justin Gause

    “These shimmering strands of universe”…thank you for that.

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