Shop Your Closet

Have you ever noticed that having something to wear seldom has anything to do with how many pieces of clothing you own? Your drawers can be overstuffed and your closet overflowing but you still stand there in the morning dumbfounded, hoping that if you just stare long enough at the options a great outfit might materialize.

Good luck on that one.

Instead take preventative measures against those early morning wardrobe woes by going shopping… and I don’t mean to the mall. It’s time for you to shop your closet!

Have no clue what I’m talking about? Glad you asked.


Alanna’s Unofficial & Off the Top of Her Head Dictionary Definition:

Shopping Your Closet (Verb):

1. An art form lost to a consumer-oriented culture that is adored by both those with small budgets and those with creative minds, shopping your closet is about taking what you’ve already got and imagining it into so much more; using the magical power of imagination to turn little into much in the world of your wardrobe.

2. Something you really ought  to do this weekend.

3. Something that the rest of this post will give you great tips for.

(What do you think my dear readers, should I write my own dictionary now? ;) )


– Set aside at least one hour to shop your closet because anything less than that isn’t enough for you to really discover all the awesomeness that you don’t know you already own.

-Think outside of the box, the bun, and any other conventional mold! Stretch the dimensions of your wardrobe by layering unexpected pieces, turning dresses and shirts backwards to see what they look like, mixing casual and business items, and whatever else you can think of. Turn shopping your closet into a game and then you’re sure to win.

– As you begin to uncover some great outfits take pictures of you wearing them or pictures of the pieces that make it up lying on your bed. Otherwise you might not remember what you came up with and you’ll be back at square one again.

– Going through all your clothing items might make you realize that you legitimately have important pieces missing from your wardrobe. Take this opportunity to create a shopping list so that you know what you actually need instead of aimlessly wandering the stores.

– And while you might extend the life of some items, you will also run across the ones that won’t work with anything and that you keep in your closet but never actually wear. Now you can do one of two things with them. One, if it is something that can be altered so you’d wear it, set it aside and fix it yourself soon or send it to a tailor’s. Two, if you’re in all honestly never going to fix it or if there is no hope for you to ever wear it, just give it away! Something that looks horrible on you will often look spectacular on someone else. Take it to a consignment shop where’ll you get some money if it’s a gently used piece, you can bring it to a thrift store, or give it to a friend. Whichever way you go, it’s serving a better purpose than clogging up your closet!

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