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The Twelve Style Statements of Christmas Day Seven – Ombre Effect

Ombre has been making the fashion headlines in recent months, so here’s how to highlight this pretty trend in your holiday style.



 Ombre hair – Dying your hair in this style is not exactly something I would suggest doing DIY, but if you are considering coloring your hair anytime soon and are feeling brave, you should totally give this a shot, with your hair stylist at the helm that is!

Ombre nails – You can do this two ways. One, by painting each nail a slightly different color so you have a progressive color palette, or you can turn each individual nail ombre by painting the top and the bottom two colors and gently blending them in the middle while still wet.

Ombre lips – Now this is my personal favorite ombre incarnation. You can keep things subtle just to add dimension, or you can throw caution to the wind and just go for it! All you need are two or three different shades of lipstick. Fill in your lips with one color, blot, add the second color to the center of your lips, blot, and add a tiny dab of the third color in the middle if you want to. As far as color layering, always start with the darkest shade and work your way up to the lightest. I have done this look with a deep red layered with a bright red, but I’ve also done it with deep red and soft coral and had it turn out wonderfully, so please feel free to experiment with ombre to your heart’s content.

The Twelve Style Statements of Christmas Day Six – Herringbone Weave

A step up from the traditional braid the herringbone weave (or fishtail braid) is rather tricky to master, but once you’ve got it down it will become one of your favorite hair styling tricks. It took me forever to learn the technique, but since my days of desperate searching for tutorials the little video was created, so you can figure out this stylish braid the easy way, just click on the link.

As soon as you’ve learned the basic technique, you can play with a few of these variations…


Tie some pieces of colored yarn to bobby pins then tuck them in underneath your hair at the base of your scalp. Braid away and let the subtle touches of color peak through.



Use your own hair to create a headband by creating a small braid from a small section of hair behind one of your ears. If your hair is too short to reach all the way to the other side of your head, create a duplicate braid on the other side and tuck the two braids beneath each other with bobby pins when they meet each other half way. Do it right and no one will know the difference.


Incorporate a braid into a half up hair do.

If you already know how to do a basic french braid, take your regular technique and tweak so as to do it herringbone weave style.





The Twelve Style Statements of Christmas Day Five – Christmas Tree Accessory

You walk up and down the rows of the evergreen forest that appeared overnight along the city streets, that seasonal forest commonly known as the Christmas tree lot, searching for the perfect tree for your home. Soon you’ll triumphantly tie your carefully selected noble fir to your car room and bring it home to decorate, but while you’re still at the lot why don’t you pick up a couple of offbeat fashion pieces. Nature is simply too beautiful to sit in a lonely corner of your living room, so wear a little bit of it this season as well. Turn your Christmas tree into an accessory by bobby pinning a few loose springs of evergreen into your hair or add some extras like colored yarn and mini pinecones to make a pin that you can add to a scarf.

The Twelve Style Statements of Christmas Day Four: The Little Black Dress a Little Bit Different

The little black dress used to be seen only at funerals and on heartbroken widows, but thanks be to Coco Chanel for taking black out of mourning and into high fashion! Now the little black dress is a staple in every girl’s wardrobe, but staples sometimes linger in the back of the closet because they seem so… well… boring. Bring your little black dress to the front of your closet again with these ideas that will make you fall in love with this ultimate classic all over again.

 – Add some personality (and warmth) to the little black dress with patterned tights. Try fishnet, lace, floral, geometric, or anything else that might strike your fancy.

– Use a chunky knit scarf to dress it down or a more elaborate scarf with ruffles or lace to dress it up.

– Jewelry is the answer to everything! You can pin an oversized brooch at your waist, add layer after layer of long necklaces, slip on an oversized cocktail ring, stack up on bracelets, or wear some serious statement earrings.

– Transform the entire structure of your little black dress by wearing it over a sheer long sleeve shirt.

– Cinch the waist with a belt – be it a delicate and feminine with a bow, metal studded for a grunge look, or anything in between.

– Go a bit preppy by topping the little black dress with a cute cardigan.

– Then take it to the office by throwing a blazer on.

– And lastly, throw color caution to the wind with all of your accessories. Go pastel, primary, neon, anything to shake up the palette!

The Twelve Style Statements of Christmas Day Three: For the Guys

Like I was going to forget about you fellows in this style series! Here are three simple ways (plus a bonus tip) to take your look up a few notches on the awesomeness scale this season.

One – Do not wear anything remotely resembling a Christmas tie or sweater or anything featuring Santa Clause, Christmas lights, snowmen, reindeer, or all of the above on one unfortunate item.  You don’t want to look like a Christmas card, do you? So avoid holiday motifs. Period.

Two – Say goodbye to silk this season and start wearing texture. Go for flannel, tweed, wool, corduroy, and other heavyweight materials. Go all out and get a suit in it or go part way and get it in a tie or a vest. You don’t want to dress to smooth this season, add some grit to your style.

Three – Get a sweater with a shawl collar. Is it a little bit different than what you’re used to? If so, it’s the perfect choice. ‘Cause you’re not average, so don’t you dare dress like it.

Four – The easiest fashion update on planet earth: cuff your pants. Costs you nothing but makes all the difference. Just be sure you’ve got some socks you don’t mind showing off to the world now that they’re making an appearance.

Bonus Advice – Go online and sign up for GQ Rules. While not all of the content of GQ Magazine is something that I support or agree with, this ten part fashion series they created is sheer genius! (And since I don’t lavish praise easily, this is saying something.) Just register on their website and every day for ten days you will receive a five minute long video in your email making it easy for you to look your best. This is some of the best fashion advice I have seen recently and I can’t think of a better way for you to look sharp this season. Do it right now.



The Twelve Style Statements of Christmas Day Two: Faux Vintage Hair

Pixie cuts, bobs, beehives… all vintage hairstyles that you may have pondered but ultimately avoided due to either the haircut commitments or just not knowing how to pull it off. But this season say goodbye to your everyday hair and go vintage – faux vintage that is. I’ve given you a cheat sheet to these three throwback hairstyles that are beyond easy to accomplish and are perfect for any Christmas party where you want to add a vintage flair to your look. A la Audrey Hepburn, here we come!



Faux Pixie – A pixie is one of the most terrifying haircuts to get because once the hair is gone, there is no going back my friend! Sure, Twiggy rocked the look, but you’re not Twiggy and there’s no guarantee it’ll work. Get the look of the style without the irretractable commitment by slicking your hair as close to your head and as flat as possible with hair gel. Pull your hair into a low ponytail, twist it into a tiny bun, and bobby pin into place. And as a final tip, get ready to freak out your friends and be asked by them why you cut all your hair off.


Grace Kelly

Faux Bob – Once again if you don’t want to take the chop but want the look, here’s an easy cheat, but this one is for the bob. Divide your hair into three to six sections, depending on the thickness of your hair. Take each section and twist it loosely half way up its length, then take the end of the twisted section and bobby pin it out of sight at the base of your scalp. Repeat with remaining sections of hair and smooth out any lines of separation between the sections. Now you’ve lost half of your hair length without a pair of scissors coming near you.


Brigitte Bardot

Faux Beehive – A real beehive is actually quite easy, that is if you don’t have any problems teasing your hair within an inch of its life (the way that I do on a regular basis). But for those who want to treat their hair kindly or want even more volume, take the shortcut to hair height by purchasing a bath sponge that closely matches your hair color. Bobby pin the sponge into place at the crown of your head. Now all you have to do is (with minimal teasing) pull your hair over and around the sponge and pin into place. Once the sponge is hidden from sight and you’ve achieved the beehive shape you were aiming for, hairspray into permanency.

The Dream of a Dream: A Short Story

The dream sailed down from the pearlescent Gates of Heaven and began to drift with the tides of the wind to his destination. He had been waiting for this day for so long. The day when the King would call him up from the Court of Dreams into the shimmering Throne Room and say to him in a thrillingly kind whisper, “It is time for you to make a home in the heart of one of My children.”The dream could still feel the waves of delight tickling him as even now he was gliding down into the heart of one of the children of the King. Read more…

Alanna Love

Bio coming soon.

The Twelve Style Statements of Christmas Day One: Glitter

Sparkle, shimmer, glitz, fairy dust – whatever you prefer to call (I for one lean towards star kissed snowflakes), glitter is one of the most fun things to play with during the holidays, both in the tree décor and in your closet. Here are a few ideas to help you add some sparkle in your look this season.

– There are seemingly endless ways to use glitter on your nails, but my two favorite styles this season is the glitter tips and the single nail. For glitter tips, paint your nails a solid color and then take a glitter heavy polish and paint just the edges of your nails, softening the line between the colors to create a subtle ombre effect. Easy, right? Well the single nail is even simpler. Paint all your nails a solid color then chose one nail to paint in glitter polish, the more glitz the better!

– Take the look to your hair by dusting it with a loose opalescent powder after styling. Use a finer grain of glitter because shimmer, not chunks, is the effect you’re going for.

–  Add some sparkle to your eyes with a liquid glitter eyeliner or eyeshadow. Opt for subtlety by using a shimmer type of shadow as opposed to straight glitter, or instead of covering the entire eyelid, just highlight the outer corner of your eyes and blend it softly into your hairline.

– Dress the part by wearing clothing with sequins and glitter, or add delicate touches with sparkly accessories like hair clips, scarfs, and jewelry.

Now your options to the glitzy world of glitter are wide open, but please don’t try all of these looks at once for the sake of not blinding everyone around you. Play with just one or two techniques at a time to get the full shimmering impact you want. Have fun and may your fashion be merry and bright!