The Three Laws of Layering

The temperature dips lower and lower by the day and your closet is full of things you can’t wear because they’re not warm enough… or are they? Layering clothing is an art that can exponentially enlarge your clothing options, but it’s also an art that’s tough to master. Here are the three laws of layering plus some outfits ideas, a short video, and a list of fail proof layering items to get you started in the right direction.

Law One – Layer from tightest clothing item to loosest.

Just imagine a tight t-shirt over a cable knit sweater to understand the value of this law. Always bulk up the layers as you add on, never vice versa.

Law Two – Layer from longest clothing item to shortest.

You want each layer to be seen, even if it’s only a hint. This will also prevent weird bulges where a clothing piece ends underneath another layer.

Law Three – Try the unexpected!

Don’t stick with the traditional, instead reimagine your own wardrobe and try juxtaposing colors, textures, and patterns. Some will look undeniably terrible, and others will be the best things you’ve ever worn.  Toss conventionality out the widow and let style in through the closet door.


While layering can be accomplished with just about any clothing item, here are some of the best pieces to work with…

– Scarves

– Boots

– Sweaters

– Leg warmers

– Blazers

– Vests

– Hoodies

– Tights/ leggings



And to wrap it all up, here’s some great layering technique at work.


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