The Twelve Style Statements of Christmas Part Twelve – Chanel

There are many individuals who have influenced the course of fashion, but there are a rare few who brought revolution to the runways. Coco Chanel was one of the latter. Transitioning from the corset and over-the-top embellishment Victorian Era, Chanel helped to make the modern woman and establish an ideal of good taste that remains to this day as trends have come and gone.  Follow the link below to see some of the most recent work that has been designed under her name, and read on to discover some of the keys to the timeless look that Chanel created.





In the Victorian Era black was a symbol of death and mourning – the attire of widows, funeral goers, and heartbroken fiancés. So when Chanel started wearing the color simply because it looked good, she turned the fashion world on its head and set shock waves through the masses. Now black is a wardrobe staple that should be flaunted. Go monochromatic with an all- black outfit, play with a mixture of black and greys, or add vibrant pops of color to that all-black ensemble for a dramatic flair.

The ultimate piece of ladylike jewelry, pearls may as well be a synonym for high class. This Chanel favorite can be worn in seemingly endless ways, so experiment to your heart’s content.


Thanks to the elaborate times she came out of, Chanel went reactionary and swung towards minimalism. Keep it sleek and keep it classy.




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