The Twelve Style Statements of Christmas Day Ten – Nutcracker-esque

I have been eagerly looking forward to writing this post because there is so much Christmas idealism wrapped  up in The Nutcracker ballet! And since fashion is about ideals… and ideals about beauty… what better place to find fashion inspiration? The Nutcracker is a painfully plotless, beautifully scored (Thank you Tchaikovsky!) piece of artistry that captures the charm of a winter fairytale. And who doesn’t want to add a bit of fairytale to their look? Here’s how to do it.


I am fully convinced that if a daydream was a piece of clothing to be worn, it would be sewn with tulle. Apparently the ballet agrees with me, because tulle never seems to exit the stage. Insert a hint of tulle into your wardrobe with a skirt, scarf, pin, or as a detail on a shirt.



The no white after Labor Day rule is an outdated fashion standard which should never haunt you again. Instead, evoke some winter wonderland with snowflake white clothing pieces.



Throw aside the deep reds and greens of the season for a moment and add just a bit of candyland glamour to your look with pastel colors. The key to making a fashion statement is wearing what others are not, so while everyone else is keeping their mint greens and soft pinks in the closet till spring, you wear them now.



While you might not be able to stand on point like a ballerina, now is the perfect time to wear ballet flats. This footwear classic comes in all sorts of designs and every girl should have a few set of slippers she can twirl about in.




The classic ballet hairdo is a bun pulled tight on the top of your head. You can slick it back authentically, or loosen it up just a bit.  The easiest way to do this style is flip your head upside down and gather your hair into a ponytail at the top of your head, then flip right back up so you can smooth out any bumps and then tie the pony tail with an elastic. From their you can either twist the ponytail around and bobby pin it in firmly, or if you don’t have that much hair to work with you can tease it to make it look fuller and then take the pieces and bobby pin them loosely into place.

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