The Twelve Style Statements of Christmas Day Eight – Dressing in Menswear like a Woman

The crisp lines of a tuxedo, the classy detail of a French cuff, the vintage quirkiness of suspenders and bowties, the undying awesomeness of a three piece suit, all these wonderful things just help to prove that menswear is the ultimate source of understated elegance. And there is no reason why the ladies can’t steal a look or two from the guy’s closet of classics. But dressing in menswear can go terribly wrong (please don’t ask me how I know this fact), so here’s how to rock the guy’s suit, tux, and neckwear like a woman.



Wear different components of the suit or try them all together – slacks, suit jacket, vest, and even the pocket square. Keep it ladylike by wearing the pieces but in softer fabrics like lace, chiffon, and satin, or wearing them in more feminine colors. Another option is instead of wearing pants, try it with a skirt. Also add some classic jewelry like diamonds and pearls, and need I mention the quintessential sign of womanhood, the high heel shoe?

The tux is at its best in the traditional black and white, keeping things modern and sleek. So add your feminine touch not so much in the clothing itself, but in the makeup that you wear with it. Have an extreme smoky eye, or wear flaming red lipstick, just don’t do both at once! And it bears repeating here – high heels.



Neckwear is the part of menswear that many men have no clue how to handle. Please avoid the clip-ons and pre-done ties at all costs and learn how to do neckwear the real way. There are numerous techniques for ties, but above is how to do a bow tie, and follow the link below to two ways to do the traditional tie (the Windsor technique as well as the Four in hand).

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