1000 by 25

 So yes, I’m a little crazy. Reading 1,000 books by the time I turn 25 is ambitious and maybe a bit over the top, but hey, I’m both of those things so I may as well embrace this insanity! It all started back when I was in jr high inhaling books like some of the other kids were inhaling candy and soda. Under an utterly nerdy moment of brilliance I made up my mind to keep record of every book I read from that moment on, as well as trace back as far as I could every book I had already read. For the next few weeks I scoured through book shelves with my lined paper and stubby pencil in hand, writing down title and author of book after book after book until I had the majority of everything ever thing I ever read on that small stack of paper I then shoved into a binder. From that day onward I recorded each and every book, with the numbers climbing and climbing (including huge spikes during the summer and whenever I was sick) until today, where I am currently at 772 books read. Somewhere along the way I thought setting a goal would be even more motivating to read even more, and 1000 by 25 sound good as any other goal, and so I made up my mind and make it happen.

From book to book it’s been quite the adventure all along the way, but adventures are always better when you can share them with someone else – and I would love to share this adventure with you! I’ll tell you all about the books I am reading now as well as some of my favorites from over the years, and we’ll see if 1000 by 25 is within reach. And if you have any suggestions on books that I just HAVE to read – I would love to hear about them! Because I’m always looking for a good book and a friend to share it with.

None of the fun things about reading so many books is keeping the running list and seeing your growth over time and remembering your story because for me, my life and my books have been so intertwined that they can never be untangled and one will always make me think of the other.

So after being asked by so many people what books I have read I decided to share the full and complete list with you. The early entries are not in chronological order and there are a handful of books that I would never suggest for anyone to read for various reasons. As I keep on reading I’ll update the list periodically. But for now, here are all the books I have ever read.

Hope you enjoy!

The Final Book List



  1. Stephen A

    Did you really read the WHOLE Bible? How long did that take you?

    • Alanna

      Yes I really have read the whole Bible, a few times actually, and I’ve done it in both a year as well as in six months. If you get a Bible reading plan and stick to it it really is quite easy to do, so you should totally try it and let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear all about it. :)

  2. Well…I doubtless have much different tastes than you, but I really love The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes, the Politically Incorrect Guide to the British Empire by H. W. Crocker III…

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